Research Master Linguistic Engineering

VU University Amsterdam
Friday, April 1, 2016

Language technology is a rapidly developing field of research. In humanistic research nowadays a firm background in language technology is extremely valuable in the context of manipulating large datasets. The Computational Lexicology and Terminology Lab (CLTL) offers a specialization in the MPhil Linguistics in which students are trained as linguistic engineer. A linguistic engineer has knowledge of language technology as used in computer applications (e.g. search engines) and of the relevant linguistics.

The MPhil Linguistic Engineering is an intensive 2-year research training for excellent students who hold a BA in Linguistics. Bachelors in computer science, artificial intelligence or a comparable bachelor's program are also encouraged to apply. Programming skills are not required, but a keen interest in computational linguistics and a clear motivation are. The program is a specialization of the MPhil Linguistics and is embedded in the Graduate School of Humanities at the VU University of Amsterdam. Teachers are well known scholars in the field.

Students will follow courses, give presentations, write papers and write a Master thesis, during these 2 years. They will be actively involved in the research group. Please check our website for details on the program and on admission requirements.

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