Học bổng Tiến sỹ ĐH Roma (Italia) Università di Roma "Tor Vergata"

Monday, May 30, 2016

Rome is home to a large and very active mathematical community, with researchers involved in an impressive range of fields in Pure and Applied Mathematics. The Mathematics departments in the three universities, Rome 1, Rome 2 and Rome 3, decided to join forces and to offer Ph.D. programs in Mathematics that, while distinct, are nevertheless thought of in a unified way. Graduate students in one of these programs will have the possibility of attending courses in any of the universities; choosing a thesis supervisor among the researchers working in any of these departments (about 150 active mathematicians); participating to the many weekly seminars offered in the Rome area and to the monthly joint colloquium of the three graduate schools; being part of a community of about 60 graduate students. Graduate students accepted into one of the Ph.D. programs will be granted a 3-years research fellowship (no teaching duties); the monthly salary will be 1080 euros.